Parent Coaching

Kim’s Parent Coaching service offers parent(s) an opportunity to have one to one phone or Skype interactions with Kim. The information and support given will be primarily based on Bryan Post’s work and the Stress Model. During these phone support sessions, parents will be able to address any needs and/or personal struggles they themselves are facing while trying to build their relationship with their children. This service will provide prompt assistance, as parents will have immediate feedback so that they may re-gain their sense of self and hope in order to return to their children, ready to engage and parent from a loving place.

Bryan Post’s The Great Behavior Breakdown (GBB) provides insight and guidance for parents/caregivers of adopted or traumatized children in a way that no other book or program has done before! As an adopted child, parent of an adopted child and relative caregiver myself, I have not ever read or been trained in an approach that allows for such clarity and ease of use. The GBB gives voice and validation for an adopted/traumatized child’s experiences. As parents, we are always doing the best that we can—with the GBB parents will immediately be able to raise their level of success and open their hearts and minds, have increased compassion and a deeper understanding of their child. Anyone working with or living with a child/children who is struggling, will finish this book and be more than just better for it—THEY WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED! I would encourage parents to read with an open mind and heart and have faith that their individual relationships will change as they practice Bryan’s methods, work within themselves, and make a commitment to understanding how trauma impacts their child/children.