Speaking Engagements

Would You Like Kim M. Seidel To Speak At Your Event? Kim M. Seidel is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant. Her deep understanding of trauma, adoption/foster care and education, enables her to bridge gaps and promote relationship building between caregivers, educators, professionals and the children they serve.

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Speaking Topics

Kim can speak to your group about any of the following topics:

  • The Next Steps After Becoming “Trauma Informed”-“Hands-On Techniques & Interventions”.
  • Understanding “Attachment Challenged” Students/Adults & Themselves!
  • Educator/Parent/Caregiver Empowerment!
  • Love Based Paradigm for Parenting and Education-And Why It Works!


#1 Introduction to The Great Behavior Breakdown (GBB) Program by B. Bryan Post.

This presentation is designed to support adoptive/foster parents and educators who are experiencing severe behaviors including such actions as; lying, gorging, defiance, stealing, self-mutilation, sexual acting out, aggression, and transition issues at home or in the classroom.  These behaviors can often lead to disrupted adoptions, numerous foster placements and chaotic classrooms.

Children with these trying behaviors are often diagnosed with severe mental health disorders such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bi- Polar Disorder, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Kim, believes as a clinician for 20 years, that although there are absolutely true situations that support these diagnosis and medication, that many of these behaviors/diagnosis can be a symptom of the true issue; not having a safe, secure and true attachment with a healthy adult and/or a broken attachment with a current or primary caregiver.

The GBB Program, gives parents/caregiver’s educators and professionals the opportunity to build their relationship with their child, specifically focusing on the child as a whole rather than his/her behavior. Participants will leave knowing how to build emotional connection, trust and ultimately forming a healthy, loving and secure attachment that is experienced by  the child.

#2 Looking For A 1000 Miracles!

Is a parent training based on the idea that all foster/kinship/adoptive parents need to be celebrated and reminded of all the wonderful and good things that they bring to their children each and every day!

This presentation is designed to support and empower adoptive/foster parents to recognize the power that they have to influence their home in a positive way!  There are examples and strategies given to change the direction of any given situation instantly!  Participants are welcome to bring specific and challenging events that they have already faced, or are preparing to face, for role playing and gaining immediate support!

Parents will leave feeling energized, excited to continue their work!  They will gain insight into their own story and how their truth impacts their parenting today.  The feeling of hope and encouragement will create new energy and a strong desire to make positive change within each of their homes!

#3 Become Your Child’s/Student’s EXPERT!!

This program focuses on empowering foster/kinship/adoptive parents to recognize that they can and do serve as their child’s expert!  They are shown how they alone have insights and experiences unique to their children’s experience that could never be captured in a 50 minute counseling session once a week!  Parents and Educator’s are led through a training to help build their confidence and voice so that they may represent, educate and share with other’s on how best to care for their child(ren)/Students.

Participants will learn how to link with their extended family, work colleagues and others who are a daily or weekly part of their child’s/student’s life experience.  Creating a supportive team that is able to understand and give voice to an attachment challenged child’s needs and best ways to support them in their healing process.

#4 Caring for Our Adopted/Foster Children/Student’s  by Learning to Appreciate Our Own Stories!

This training is focused on helping foster/kinship/adoptive parents and educators, to recognize how their own personal story directly affects their ability to successfully parent/educate children in their homes and/or classrooms.  This program explores the significance of the “Generational Story” and empowers teachers and parents to successfully change what they can while applying what was good for them when they grew up.

This program challenges us as educator’s and parent’s to look into our own hearts and minds so that we can better understand ourselves in order to be the teacher’s parent’s we wish we could have had!

Participants will leave with several “Aha” moments to celebrate and have immediate skills to apply as they heal themselves and the children they serve in a compassionate and loving way!