Kim Seidel’s clients have been very pleased with the milestones that they have achieved during their sessions and implementing Kim’s advice in their day-to-day dealings with family members and/or clients.

Kim’s Professional and Training Clients Advocate Her Services


Parenting foster and adoptive children is hard work. Kim Seidel’s trainings are helping foster parents, adoptive parents, and child welfare workers to understand the relationship between past trauma, stress and fear, and severe and disruptive behaviors in children. She teaches parents how to build supportive relationships, rather than react negatively to their behaviors.

The exceptional component of her training is that participants leave with answers to their questions about how to manage particular behaviors. They are also provided with the information and tools needed to maintain this positive approach. Ms. Seidel is very enthusiastic and intuitive as a therapist who captures her audience. She enjoys fielding questions and role playing specific struggles that parents or caseworkers are encountering. Participants learn from, and receive support from, the trainer and each other. When parents are providing a safe and secure relationship with their children, the result is fewer broken placements.

K. Hahn, MA
Adoptive Parent and Foster Care Supervisor

Kim strives to ensure the well-being of every family that she works with by promoting healthy outcomes for children, parents, foster parents regardless of their life circumstances. She is dedicated to optimizing family and community resources to build strong foundations for families. Kim readily connects with families, building a strong, trusting/client counselor relationship. Kim excels at honing in on the issues, helping the families understand the work to be done and how to go about the healing process. As a professional who also works with parents and families, I rely on Kim’s kind, yet firm approach to working with families. She is a strong advocate for families and children in need. She makes service planning meetings productive and meaningful.

T. Windischhofer, M. Ed
Educational Consultant

We have been fortunate to be able to provide our foster parents with the training and insight that Kim Seidel has to offer. She is able to work with the foster parents/ relative caregivers to immediately begin bridging the gaps and facilitate building a new relationship with the children in their care. Kim provides skills to the foster parents/relative caregivers to help them understand the children’s traumatic pasts, and reduce or eliminate the behaviors that have been self-destructive and disruptive to the entire family. Caregivers are reporting, some for the first time, that there is “harmony and bonding in their home”.

Her trainings are upbeat, entertaining and she leaves the caregivers feeling empowered and excited about caring for the kids that, prior to her trainings, they were discouraged and felt as though they might not be able to continue to provide care. Based on measurable results, the information that Ms. Seidel has to offer should be offered as part of training for every new foster parent.

E. Harris
Foster Care/JJ/Licensing Specialist

The services that Kim Seidel provides with the children and foster parents is evident in the number of difficult cases that would have resulted in disrupted adoptions or failed placements without her intervention and results. There are several children that I referred to Ms. Seidel that simply would not be in their permanent homes today without her.

D. Hulings
Foster Care/JJ/Protective Services Specialist

I am a foster care worker who has been working with foster children and their families for over ten years.

I attended Ms. Seidel’s workshop “The Great Behavior Breakdown’s Intensive Course”. The training has opened my eyes to see beyond what children (and adults) present as challenging behaviors to what really lays underneath those behaviors. I had attended trainings and conferences previously that dealt with the RAD subject from many different perspectives. During this training, the light bulb came on, and I developed a new understanding of the subject and a new appreciation for the life experiences of our foster children and even their parents. I also developed a new awareness of my own experiences and issues that have pushed triggers for me in the past. The examples that Ms. Siedel uses in demonstrating points were very effective. Ms. Seidel is skillful providing answers to participants and role playing actual situations that seem to be impossible to deal with. And it is all so easy to incorporate into everyday practice. I feel that I developed some powerful skills during this training. I use these skills in interactions with foster children, foster parents and biological parents, and it is amazing to see the methods work. I would recommend this training to all professionals who work with foster children and their caregivers. This is so powerful. I feel it can provide positive changes to foster children and their caregivers.

Foster Care Specialist

What Family Clients Have To Say About Kim’s Services and Counsel


Our family met “Miss Kim”, 3 ½ years ago when our three grandbabies were placed in our home. She brings a very unique perspective to her work with families of foster/adoptive children. She is gifted in working with the children, helping them express their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Kim also helped me as a foster/adoptive parent, to understand things expressed in “play therapy”. Kim has really been a “God send” for our family. We love you Miss Kim…We really do!

B. & F. Roe, Foster/Adoptive Parents

I met Kim Seidel when she taught a series of classes on children and trauma. She is able to share information in a manner that makes it real and enables you to use what you have learned. We also have had her as a therapist for our family. We adopted three children with an interesting history. We have been blessed by the help and insight she has given us. We are able to walk the walk and talk the talk with these wonderful children with her help. Thank you Kim.

C. & F. Bobalek, Foster/Adoptive Parent

Devine intervention! Kim Seidel has hit the nail on the head for our child. He responds well to her and with her dedication I can see reasoning behind the behavior and I have a much better understanding of how to deal with him. He is a true attachment struggle child. Kim helps to put Bryan Post’s theory into real life situations.

P. M. Adoptive/Foster Grandmother

My husband and I have adopted 3 sets of siblings which all had problems, like R.A.D and F.A.S ,P.T.S.D along with sexual problems. Kim worked with us and our kids, she understood how to help us help them. She taught us how to discipline, how to not react to bad behavior but how to change it and that they are not bad kids, that they react the way they do because they know no other way , and how we could change it. Kim saved our family and showed us what to do, she was there when we needed her and always called us back. We never stop using the tools she showed us and I call them tools because we are always working on making our and our kids’ lives better. I can only say that if I ever needed to do it again I would choose to work with Kim. We took a vacation this last summer and had a great time but we did it with all of our kids and it was hard but again with what we have learned from Kim we did it and we are going to do it again and again. My husband and I loved working with Kim and if you ever need someone to understand and be there for you and your kids, Kim will help you. Thank you so much Kim!

B.Snider and Family

We like Kim so much better than other therapists that we have worked with! Our kids are doing well in school now and we know how to help them. We learned a lot from her and, we still use the information every day.

A.W., Foster/Adoptive Parent

Kim has helped us so much when we have been discouraged and felt like we couldn’t go on with fostering or adoption. She taught us how to bond with our child and also gave us so much more! She continues to be a tremendous encouragement for us in regard to a lot of different issues.

E. B., Foster/Adoptive Parent